Legends of Tomorrow Gets Two New Superheroes but Loses Another

first_img DC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC NewsOur Favorite TV Superheroes Ranked Stay on target Well, Legends off Tomorrow needed to get out of World War II. They did, but the third episode of the season definitely felt more like filler than anything else. Nate has been sedated, being closely monitored by Martin and Ray to make sure the Nazi super serum Ray injected him with to save his life won’t make him turn into a barely-non-copyright-infringing rage monster. Before Ray can fully make his case, Vixen knocks both of them out. At the end of the last episode when she found Rex dying on the floor, his final words of “time traveler” convinced her that the legends were responsible for his murder.Vixen goes through the ship, attacking everyone she finds when Nate wakes up, suddenly made of metal, and knocks Vixen out. It turns out Ray altered the serum to make his skin as hard as his suit. When he used it to save Nate’s life, it gave Nate this rad new superpower. Since his grandfather was Commander Steel, he gives himself a similar superhero name: Citizen Steel. Sarah goes to the holding cell to explain to Vixen that they’re chasing another time traveler and that’s who’s probably responsible for Rex’s death. Vixen resolves to travel with the Legends until they bring Rex’s killer to justice. Yay, Vixen finally has a regular role on a live action show! It’s not Mari McCabe, but her grandmother is just as cool.Ray tries to teach Nate how to control his new power, but they end up accidentally putting a hole in the ship. Nate falls out, and Ray follows trying to rescue him. They both end up in feudal Japan, though they do not meet a dog-eared young man searching for shards of a shattered jewel. Instead, Nate is found by a woman who takes him to her father for medical care. Her father is reluctant to take him in, fearing that the Shogun may find out. Nate deduces that the Shogun is a particularly brutal historical figure and learns that the young woman is being forced to marry him. When the Shogun’s men arrive at the house, Nate tries to use his new powers to fight them off. It doesn’t work. His skin doesn’t change, and he receives a nasty cut.Things immediately go south for Ray (Brandon Routh). (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Ray meanwhile, has been captured by the Shogun and is being interrogated about his armor. The Shogun has the armor taken away. Sarah, Amaya (Vixen) and Mick track Ray’s suit to the Shogun’s hideout in feudal Japan and try to rescue him. Instead, they find the Shogun inside the Atom suit. He’s gotten surprisingly good at using it. Sarah tries to fight him off (“League of Assassins Class of 2009”) but has trouble penetrating the armor. They find Ray and escape.Nasako is nursing Nate back to health and Nate realizes that the super serum cured his hemophilia. Impressed that he would try to fight the Shogun’s men without armor, Nasako tries to kiss him, but they are interrupted by Sarah and the rest of the crew. Since they can’t let a brutal ancient warlord have a futuristic super suit, they decide to wait for him to come to the village for his bride and fight him there. Ray continues training Nate, but can’t seem to get it. When Ray reveals that he’s training Nate to destroy his suit, thereby taking away his only superpower, he gets angry and storms off.Masako tries to comfort Nate, who says he’s more worried about what will happen to her if he should die. He shares an encouraging proverb from the great Master Yoda just as the Shogun arrives in the village. Sarah protects the townspeople from the Shogun’s men and proves to be a much more formidable swordfighter than they were expecting. When three of the men descend upon her, Mick and Amaya even things up with a blast of fire and a totem tiger.Canary (Caity Lotz) and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) fighting samurai. Awesome. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Nate tries to stand up to the Shogun, but his shot down by a blast from the suit. Ray steps forward to fight the Shogun. Masako’s father has given him his dead son’s armor. He puts up a good decent fight against the Shogun but is soon overpowered, Masako picks up the sword and tries to fight him off herself. As he’s about to kill her, Nate is able to tap into his power and uses his steel skin to defeat the Shogun. With the town safe, the legends say goodbye and head back to the Waverider.While all this was going on, Marin and Jefferson stayed behind on the Waverider to try and fix the ship’s problems.They come across a secret compartment. Inside, they find a message meant for Rip Hunter from Barry Allen. Specifically from Barry Allen 40 years into the future. Since Barry was very clear that the rest of the crew not know, they decide to keep what they saw a secret. “Some things you can’t unsee,” Martin says. As the episode ends the team resolves to find Rip and Sarah pilots the ship through time.The first two episodes of the season were so good that it’s a little disappointing that this week doesn’t have the same urgency. While feudal Japan is a very interesting time period, they didn’t do much with it beyond trying to imitate old samurai movies. There didn’t seem to be much reason for the legends to be here. It made for some cool fight scenes between Canary and some samurai. That’s about it. The rest of the episode was setting up a weird love story between Nate and Masako that we know isn’t going to matter after this week. The only good things to come out of it were Vixen joining the crew and some decent character development with Nate and Ray. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see what Atom does without the Atom suit.last_img

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